The DLSTRC was established in 2009 by department of laboratory sciences with researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines including immunology, biochemistry, hematology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, molecular biology. The objectives of the DLSTRC are to provide a center for research activities related to clinical laboratory sciences, further advance research in the broad field of medicine, facilitate collaboration among the members of staff working in similar areas across the academic departments and faculties of the University, and stimulate and support interdisciplinary research especially across laboratory sciences. After five years of full-time research and academic activities, compiling books, publishing articles in national and international peer-review journals, patent invention, the center’s registry request was sent to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for the final approval.
Diagnostic Laboratory Sciences and Technology Research Center
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Meshkinfam Street, Shiraz, Iran 714391-4693
Tel :
Fax : 0098-71-32270301